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OMS PEO Workers’ Compensation Program

That’s right. With our Workers’ Comp program, you can say goodbye to those pesky annual audits.

Add workers’ compensation coverage to your payroll account. Workers’ comp can be complex and time-consuming, but if you have employees, you have to have it. How would you like to reduce your company’s liabilities and adhere to regulations more efficiently? OMS PEO makes sure you’re covered; we manage your work comp claims and coordinate relevant safety programs through our affiliate agency, Acentria Insurance. With our program, there’s no down payment, no workers’ comp audit, and a convenient pay-as-you-go plan that unshackles cash flow.

What’s included in the OMS PEO Workers’ Compensation Program?

  • Pay-as-you-go plan
  • Risk management administration
  • Claims management
  • No Audit
  • No surprise bills at the end of the year
  • No down payment

Our insurance programs are products of Acentria Insurance.

Protect Your Business

Know Your Risk: Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages due to an employee’s injury at work. Common preventable injuries, such as slip and fall accidents, can become costly for employers leading to the loss of production and increased premiums.

Traditional Workers’ Comp

Traditional policies require large deposits and are based on estimated annual payroll instead of actual payroll as it occurs. You could also be subject to audits with traditional coverage.


You’ll never have to worry about making your payment late and risk losing coverage.

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