What’s it like to outsource your payroll and HR services to OMS?

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The Joinery

Hear what Jon has to say about becoming an OMS PEO customer and the ROI of outsourcing his Payroll & HR tasks to us.

"The amount of time, headache, and stress that I've saved... has absolutely been worth it."

- Jonathan Bucklew

Owner of the Joinery

Subway Restaurants

Managing HR for multiple restaurants, Travis calls OMS his “catch-all” service.

Ace Hardware

Bruce has been a long-time OMS customer, managing 60+ employees at two retail locations.


Joe and Todd discuss troubleshooting a changing legal landscape when it comes to employee benefits.


This Sarasota tech company manages a growing team while partnering with OMS for it’s payroll and HR needs.

Fitness Quest

Mackenzie owns and manages nine therapy clinics and is a long-time OMS customer.

Springer Peterson

Rob talks about the benefits of using one vendor and how OMS has become a key business partner for his company.


Dr. Nations talks about attracting and retaining top talent with employee benefits and having the HR tools to help him manage his team.

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