You Have Options

Choose a payroll-only service or select payroll integrated with benefits and/or workers’ comp.

All OMS payroll services can utilize cloud-based secure online payroll platform. It’s easy to use, and with your own customized OMS dashboard, you’ll be running payroll, generating reports, and gaining insights instantly. You can access your company data anytime, from anywhere. And your employees can log in to update their own info and view their paystub or W-2. It’s convenient and easy to use. Pay your staff on time, every time. Easily onboard new employees and scale your business with confidence.

What’s included
in Payroll Administration?

  • Process payroll checks, calculate and set-up payroll deductions
  • Record and track vacation accumulations, sick leave and other paid/unpaid leave
  • Respond to employee wage garnishments, and remit to proper agency or individual
  • Process employee direct deposits and pay cards
  • Make federal and state tax withholding filings. Assist client, where requested, in client’s classification of employees for exemption status
  • 401(k) remittance
  • ACA requirements


There are two methods for processing payroll, ASO and PEO, we do both. Some companies prefer a certain arrangement, while others don’t know which to choose. We’ll help you find the perfect fit and make the right decision.

We do both.


An Administrative Services Organization (ASO) processes payroll under the customer’s federal tax ID. The client outsources specific HR tasks and retains the liability while the ASO performs the services. This relationship does not establish a co-employment situation. An ASO service does not directly sponsor benefits programs or workers’ compensation coverage, but they can actively help you secure those products from a partner.


Professional Employer Organization (PEO) processes payroll under their own federal tax ID, allowing their clients to transfer key employer liabilities to them. While it is considered a co-employment relationship, the customer retains control of their workforce. This relationship allows the customer to participate in the PEO’s employee benefits and workers’ comp programs, giving them access to large-group health plans and pricing. This can be a huge advantage for a small business looking to attract and retain top talent in their industry. Acquire 4-essential services in 1-simple account.

If saving time and money and increasing productivity sounds good to you, let’s get started.

Our Payroll Guarantee

Every OMS payroll customer receives our guarantee that if at any time during the first 90 days you are not satisfied, OMS will refund your entire administration fee and assist you in switching to another provider. This promise demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our determination to deliver customer service “that goes beyond.”

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