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Every payroll customer will have access to HR resources at no additional charge.

Do you need help with an employment situation? Are you knowledgeable about current federal and state employment laws? Do you maintain an employee handbook? A payroll service with HR is an important link to managing your employees from a big-picture management perspective. There’s a lot to know when it comes to HR, and it doesn’t matter the size of your company, because every business that has employees needs HR. OMS puts the “human” back in human resources. Get the help you’re looking for from a real person that knows you and knows HR. Now you can manage your people, maximize employee performance, streamline policies and systems, and stay in compliance with state and federal laws, all at no extra charge.

We empower entrepreneurs to manage their workforce by making informed decisions and having the tools to succeed. HR can consist of many strategies and tools. We work as a team to bring those tools to you, while you maintain absolute control.

See how one entrepreneur manages his two retail locations with 60+ employees with OMS.

What kinds of HR services
are included?

  • Human resource consulting
  • Review of employment practices
  • HR Concierge
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Employment handbooks and labor law posters
  • Access to our Learning Management System (LMS) your comprehensive training solution
  • Self-service HR portal contains: HR Procedures, Forms, Employer Compliance: EEOC, FMLA, COBRA, OSHA, etc.
  • Access to On-demand HR & Compliance Apps 
  • E-Verify Help (further assistance available – additional fee applies)


HR, when done properly, can add a layer of protection to your company, safeguarding your investment for years to come. Employment lawsuits can ruin your business and set you back decades. Discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and wage law violations are just a few common examples. At OMS, we want to make sure our customers have access to everything they need to be proactive when it comes to preserving the future of their company. Every OMS PEO customer will automatically have EPLI (employment practices liability insurance) to cover their business against claims if they occur. OMS ASO customers can request a quote for this insurance, provided by Acentria Insurance.

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