Spending too much time on Payroll & HR Issues?

We are focused on Florida.

Our corporate office is located in the heart of the sunshine state. This is where it all began for us in 1997 and where we serve most of our customers today. OMS (Outsource Management Solutions) was founded to provide small to medium-sized businesses with HR solutions and empower them with the tools and resources to manage their employees with ease.


An Efficient, Productive Solution for Running Payroll

A Reliable Resource for HR & Compliance Knowledge

Access to Employee Benefits

Affordable Workers’ Comp Coverage

Today, not a lot has changed.

Small businesses still need convenient systems that grow with them. Entrepreneurs want to confidently manage their staff, utilize technology to be more productive, and rely on a team of experts to provide support and guidance. Our customers are hard-working, proactive, and forward-thinking. Best of all, they value their employees and feel a responsibility to take care of each one, as they scale their operation. That makes them great employers and our perfect clients.

Over time, technology has changed, but our customer service is still our greatest asset. We know every client by name, and with us, each small business gets a dedicated team of experts to call on when they have a question, need help, or run into a problem. Our services are always affordable and focused on making you more productive with online time-saving features and the peace of mind that you’re not alone.

You’re busy.

We can handle this.

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